Other Tools
Martin Brain, Peter Schrammel

Other Tools

FIXME: The text in this section is a bit outdated.

The CPROVER subversion archive contains a number of separate programs. Others are developed separately as patches or separate branches.Interfaces are have been and are continuing to stablise but older code may require work to compile and function correctly.

In the main archive:

  • CBMC: A bounded model checking tool for C and C++. See cbmc.
  • goto-cc: A drop-in, flag compatible replacement for GCC and other compilers that produces goto-programs rather than executable binaries. See goto-cc.
  • goto-instrument: A collection of functions for instrumenting and modifying goto-programs. See goto-instrument.

Model checkers and similar tools:

  • SatABS: A CEGAR model checker using predicate abstraction. Is roughly 10,000 lines of code (on top of the CPROVER code base) and is developed in its own subversion archive. It uses an external model checker to find potentially feasible paths. Key limitations are related to code with pointers and there is scope for significant improvement.
  • Scratch: Alistair Donaldson’s k-induction based tool. The front-end is in the old project CVS and some of the functionality is in goto-instrument.
  • Wolverine: An implementation of Ken McMillan’s IMPACT algorithm for sequential programs. In the old project CVS.
  • C-Impact: An implementation of Ken McMillan’s IMPACT algorithm for parallel programs. In the old project CVS.
  • LoopFrog: A loop summarisation tool.
  • TAN: Christoph’s termination analyser.

Test case generation:

  • cover: A basic test-input generation tool. In the old project CVS.
  • FShell: A test-input generation tool that allows the user to specify the desired coverage using a custom language (which includes regular expressions over paths). It uses incremental SAT and is thus faster than the naïve “add assertions one at a time and use the counter-examples” approach. Is developed in its own subversion.

Alternative front-ends and input translators:

  • Scoot: A System-C to C translator. Probably in the old project CVS.
  • ???: A Simulink to C translator. In the old project CVS.
  • ???: A Verilog front-end. In the old project CVS.
  • ???: A converter from Codewarrior project files to Makefiles. In the old project CVS.

Other tools:

  • ai: Leo’s hybrid abstract interpretation / CEGAR tool.
  • DeltaCheck?: Ajitha’s slicing tool, aimed at locating changes and differential verification. In the old project CVS.

There are tools based on the CPROVER framework from other research groups which are not listed here.

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